About Us

Gosawa is your premier destination for great new experiences at amazing discounts.

By becoming a member of Gosawa you won’t just be saving money, but you’ll also be living new experiences and being introduced to new places having the best times of your life at a heavily discounted price.

Gosawa is a win-win platform for customers and businesses. For offering a great deal on Gosawa, businesses get pay-for-performance marketing at no risk, a customized campaign and secure a new income channel. Moreover, businesses will become the talk of the town by having their deal spread to thousands through emails and social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Gosawa believes in promoting quality local businesses offering positive experiences while benefiting the wider community. Both our members and merchants get amazing value. To learn more about how to feature your business on Gosawa, visit merchant.gosawa.com.


A few things you should know about how we do things:
  • We live local, we love local!
  • We only feature products and services we would want to buy. In doing that, we follow a thorough selection process.
  • If it ain’t a good deal, it won’t be featured on our site – that simple.
  • We don’t just sell deals! We offer members new experiences, great new places to discover at amazing discounts. If you buy a deal and are not satisfied, let us know. Our merchants and our service can only improve with your valuable feedback. We are not perfect, but we always strive to do things better.
  • You should feel comfortable to go out and try the new experiences featured through Gosawa. It’s safe, it’s a bargain, we enjoyed it, and so will you!
  • Transparency! Transparency! All the terms are fully featured in the deal page. We are not out to get you! Our business is social and we want to make sure we are always friends. We have established social media channels to openly share updates and information with our members and partners. You are invited to participate.
  • Have a question or comment? We will make sure to answer you as fast as possible. Just like you, we hate slow and incompetent customer service.


You can visit our help center if you have any questions, alternatively, you can call or whatsapp us on +961 (03) 172 107. The lines can sometimes get busy, so keep trying or send us a support ticket. We will make sure to get back to you almost immediately.